Very Quick & Efficient, Great Integrity & Honesty

This was my first time suing anyone and I was very nervous. When we first met in person, Jim took the time to explain my options (including walking out and moving on with my life). I understood my options fully and I was very appreciative. When I got my first invoice, I was pleasantly surprised. He was very efficient with his time and even though he did a lot, the invoice amount was a lot less than I anticipated. I think this is partly because he talks very fast and always gets straight to the point. He is definitely not chit-chatty, which is a great trait when you are paying by the hour. He really doesn't mess around and his experience helped move things forward as quickly as anyone possibly can in the situation. I highly recommend Jim, and I interviewed several attorneys before I decided to go with him. I felt good about him before hiring, and I felt great about hiring him after my experience with his services.



Trusted and very Great Attorney

James Dunn, has been My Attorney for more than 25 years, and has taken care of MRG Industries Inc., JR Equipment Inc, Garzarelli Investments LLC, in all types of cases, from collections, Corporate litigations, non-compete agreements and many others.



Taylor Investments & Taylor Electric

James Dunn is the most response attorney I have every known, his integrity, truthfulness and common sense is a 10 out of a 1 to 10 rating system. I have used Mr. Dunn for at least 25 years and have always felt he was there for us when we needed him. Every time I use a different attorney because of special circumstances I am reminded of how it is to have an average attorney as compared to James Dunn who listens and moves quickly.



Company Attorney

Jim always takes care of our legal and collection problems. He is fast and has lots of answers to our questions.
We feel his is very honest and cares about us as his clients.




I have been using Mr Dunn for almost 10 years now to handle all of my business/collection needs. He has recovered us, I'd say 99% of money that's been owed to us-(money that I thought we would never see)!! He has also offered me excellent advice & counsel, on many predicaments I have encountered over the years! I recommend him to my fellow associates when they are seeking help with their business needs. MR DUNN IS EXCELLENT!


Meridian Title Company

A Big Firm Lawyer at a Small Firm Cost

James has represented Meridian Title Company in complex, real property disputes. Meridian has never lost a lawsuit with James as its attorney. We have hired big law firms and can confidently say that we have never been as satisfied with the competency of their representation as we have been (and are) with James. James has represented Meridian and its over fifty employees and five offices in both federal and state courts. He recently received a unanimous verdict from a jury in Meridian's favor after a three-day long trial. His hourly rate is very reasonable.



Someone you can trust.

I worked as a contractor for one of Mr. Dunn's clients. The client has a diminished capacity so I received approvals from the client and from Mr. Dunn before doing the work. Mr. Dunn was competent and honest with his client and with me. I fount it easy to contact Mr. Dunn and when I needed to leave a message, he was prompt to reply. It is my opinion, Mr. Dunn is easy to communicate with, very experienced, very knowledgeable, and very honest.

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