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What do I need to do to get my business up and running?

If you are running a corporation, you can count on James T. Dunn P.C. to help you file all of your necessary paperwork. We will ensure that no matter what your business is operating under, whether it’s an LLC or a multipurpose business, that you are in a great place legally and financially to pass the initial first steps and get your business in a great place.

Do I need to consult with a lawyer to start my business?

Although you can do most tasks alone, it’s important to have a business planning lawyer on your side to get everything organized properly at the start of your business. Any questions or concerns you have at the start of your business, contact Attorney James T. Dunn today.

What is the difference between a will and a trust?

There are benefits to both wills and trusts, but it's important that you know the difference between the two. A will is the only way to nominate a guardian for your children in the event of an accident. You cannot do that with a trust, although you can avoid the probate process by taking on a trust. Ultimately, it's up to you and your family's needs to determine if a will or a trust is going to be the better choice. James T. Dunn can help you assess your situation and give guided advice in the direction that is going to be best for your family's future.

How do I deal with a boundary line issue?

If you are facing boundary line issues, you’re not alone. A boundary line case is when you are unsure of whether someone has the right-of-way to use your property, and if you do not have predetermined property lines (like a fenced area) then it might be tricky to determine where your property starts and ends. To learn about your rights, contact James T. Dunn right away so we can help you understand the exact land that belongs to you. We can help whether you are trying to learn about your home’s boundary lines or your business’s boundary lines.

How can I avoid a landlord-tenant dispute?

Attorney James T. Dunn knows that not every landlord-tenant relationship is going to be perfect. We offer the ability to manage your landlord-tenant dispute to guide you through processes like lease agreements, tenant rights, rent increases, property repairs and damage, and eviction. We can help you learn more about your lease and finding ways to ensure your rights are protected. Call us today if you have any other questions or concerns.