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Think estate planning law doesn't apply to your situation?

Estate planning lets you decide what will happen to your assets after you pass away. This saves your loved ones from additional distress during their time of grief. An estate lawyer from James T. Dunn P.C. can help you make arrangements for your dependents, including a will and trusts.

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If your loved one died with or without an estate plan, some or all of their estate will likely go through probate. Hiring a probate lawyer can help this process go faster. An attorney from James T. Dunn P.C. can explain:

  • How the probate process works
  • What your rights are as an heir
  • How to settle outstanding debts and taxes

We'll work to validate your loved one's will quickly and mediate any disputes among heirs. This can include filling out last-minute legal paperwork and taking an inventory of all your family member's assets.

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